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Birthdate:Jun 1
King of the Crossroads (Crossroad demon) and master of a VERY large Hellhound. Hangs around with Dean and the various folks in Wickenburg because it's less annoying than constantly being on the run, and there's safety in numbers. He actually helped them against Lucifer's forces, because he's not an idiot and knows Lucifer would have gone after the demons after humans were out of the way.

[ooc: SPN character RP journal. I am not Crowley, I am not Mark Sheppard, I am not Neil Gaiman nor one of the writers for Supernatural, and I don't play them on TV. I'm not really a demon, though my friends may argue. There will be adult material in this journal. Read at your own risk. I ignore whingeing, unless I find it entertaining, at which point I snark. Consider yourselves warned.]
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